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  1. Are your windows made from Vinyl or Aluminum?

           Renaissance Garden Windows are solid wood, inside and out.

You can order your window in beautiful and naturally durable:

  •        Cedro, a South American Mahogany also known as "Spanish Cedar"
  •        Honduran Mahogany
  •        Western Red Cedar
  •        Red Oak, Cypress, Teak, and other Fine Woods upon request

           We will prime paint your window, finish paint your window, or ship it unfinished.
The caps and metal that secure your roof glass can be copper, lead-coated copper, or pre-finished aluminum.

    2.   What sizes are available?

           Your Garden Window will be custom built to-order to precisely fit your exact window opening.

           The sizes indicated on our Price Lists are shown for general pricing guidelines. We will build most windows for the same cost as the nearest larger size.

3.   Are your windows energy efficient?
Yes.   Wood is an excellent natural insulator, and Low-e high performance double insulating glass is standard.  All windows come standard with Argon filled gas.

    4.   Do your windows open?
Yes. You can choose between locking casement (side-hinged) or awning (top-hinged) operating sash.

           Window screens are standard and GORE™ inLighten™ virtually invisible screens are available.

    5.   Can I extend my new counter-top into my garden window?
Yes. We will build your window to receive your new counter top.

    6.  Can I use my Garden Window for growing plants?
Yes.  You can select between adjustable glass or lattice-type wood shelves.  Our windows all come with Standard Shelving at no additional cost.  A removable copper drip pan is included with all garden windows, and rests in the base of the window.  This pan can be easily removed for cleaning and storage.

    7.  Do you deliver the window to a local shop, or directly to my home?
Your Renaissance Garden Window will be delivered directly to your home, and arrive fully assembled.

    8.  How do I get my window installed?

          Our garden windows are installed just like any standard window in your home.  The window is supported by the sleeve, which is designed to fit the exact depth of your home's rough opening, which you provide.

          The window will be designed to fit the rough opening dimensions.  We will allow 1/4" shim space on both sides, and at the top.  The window is anchored with screws that we will provide.  We will also  include wood plugs to cover the holes where the mounting screws are placed.

    9.  What is the warranty?
We warrant the glass in your window against seal-related failure for ten (10) years, and the window hardware carries a lifetime warranty. (See our printed warranty for details.)

    10.  How long will it take to design, manufacture, and deliver the window to my home?
Allow 6-7 weeks for us to build your Garden Window.

Call us! A courteous professional will introduce you to the many possibilities, answer all your questions, and walk you through the step-by-step ordering process. It is often helpful to have your builder or carpenter participate in the phone call.

Garden Window Helpline: (800) 882-4657
Monday-Friday, 9 AM - 5 PM Eastern Time